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Broome County, New York Postal History

Update Listing

by David E. Williams

1/16/17:      Added:    Added an 1860's cover from Kattelville with two 2 cent black Jackson stamps.

1/16/17:      Added:    Added a 1909 cover from Endicott with type A-14 flag cancel.

1/16/17:      Added:    Added a 1947 cover from Endwell with Universal machine cancel.

1/16/17:      Added:    Added an 1852 leap year cover from Binghamton with date corrected and earliest use of thick top 5.

1/16/17:      Added:    Added a 1851 mourning cover from Binghamton with integral 5 rate.

1/16/17:      Added:    Added an 1882 cover from Binghamton bearing CDS with time in dial.

1/13/17:      Added:    Added a 1954 registered cover from Chenango Forks.

1/13/17:      Added:    Added three covers from Glen Aubrey including a straightline from the 1860's.

1/13/17:      Added:    Added a post card with a 1916 A-14 flag cancel from Johnson City.

1/13/17:      Added:    Added a latest year B-14 and earliest year A-14 flag cancel from Lestershire.

1/12/17:      Added:    Added an 1847 stampless cover bearing a blue straightline POST OFFICE BUSINESS cancel from Binghamton .

1/12/17:      Added:    Added 1875 and 1899 Utica & Binghamton RPO covers.

1/12/17:      Added:    Added 1880 Syracuse & Binghamton AGT RPO cover.

1/12/17:      Added:    Added 1896 and 1911 Oswego & Binghamton RPO covers.

12/28/15:     Added:    Added 1874 and 1877 manuscript covers from Choconut Centre.

1/24/13:     Added:    Added an 1878 cover from Triangle bearing a County and Postmaster cancel.

1/24/13:     Added:    Added a stampless cover bearing a red straightline Binghamton townmark from 1849.

12/18/12:    Updated:    The NY State Star Cancel index.  Many new covers added to the pages.

11/27/12:    Added:    My first cover from Conklin(g) Forks.

7/13/12:     Added:    A picture of Sewell Corbett, Corbettsville's first postmaster.

7/6/12:      Added:    Added an envelope showing a Lester CDS used as a receiving cancel.

7/5/12:      Added:    Added late 1850's manuscript and rimless CDS covers from Vallonia Springs.
3/5/12:      Added:    Added a picture of the Union Center post office in 1910.

7/20/11:     Added:    Added an 1826 stampless cover bearing a black oval townmark of Chenango Point.

7/19/11:     Added:    Added a stampless cover bearing a straightline Binghamton townmark from 1849.

6/21/11:     Added:    Late 1840's manuscript stampless cover from South Windsor, NY,
                       1850's manuscript stampless cover from Maine, NY with manuscript "Paid 3",
                       1850's manuscript stampless cover from Maine, NY with postmaster free frank, and

                       1850's manuscript stampless cover with "PAID/3" marking from Randolph Centre.

3/4/10:      Added:    Added a stampless cover from Whitney's Point to California with unlisted rate marking.

2/17/10:     Added:    Added a 10 cent Columbian solo registered usage from Maine, NY .

1/20/10:     Added:    Late 1840's, first issue stamped cover with the scarce Binghamton red herringbone fancy cancel .

12/3/09:     Added:     Scarce 1857 DROP/1 ct. in circle marking on stampless cover from Binghamton,  

                        1867 Double circle date stamp from Binghamton, and
                       1912 4 line marking from Station No. 2, Binghamton on registered cover.

5/20/09:     Added:    1893 10 cent Columbian solo registered cover from West End to Canada.

5/16/09:     Added:   1850's ornate lady's cover from Binghamton with a blue 5 rate marking, and

                      1895 cover from Corbettsville to South Africa with transit markings.

4/7/09:      Added:    1903 cover from Binghamton to Finland.

4/3/09:      Added:    1855 cover from Binghamton with "PAID with Hollow 3" handstamp.

3/13/09:     Added:    1848 cover from Binghamton with 25mm hollow "X" handstamp.

3/11/09:     Added:    1847 cover from Binghamton with previously unreported striped "X" handstamp.

2/13/09:     Added:     Scarce 1854 PAID 1 in circle marking on stampless cover from Binghamton,  

                        1870 Congressional free frank from Binghamton, and
                       1945 auxiliary marking from Binghamton on registered cover.

11/2/08:     Added:   1870's 6 cent banknote cover from Deposit with fancy star cancel.

10/6/08:     Added:   A listing of the postmasters of Port Crane,

                      An 1870's fancy negative A cancel from Deposit, and

                      An 1895 fancy D in barred oval cancel from Deposit.

9/20/08:     Added:   1896 registered cover from Mc Clure Settlement, and

                      1883 newly discovered postmaster cancel from Tunnel used as a transit mark.

9/9/08:      Added:    Modified page for Binghamton Railway Post Office usages,
                       Added page for Albany & Binghamton Railway Post Office usages,
                       Added page for Oswego & Binghamton Railway Post Office usages, and

                       Added page for Utica & Binghamton Railway Post Office usages.

2/6/08:      Added:   1870 3 cent pictorial issue cover from Corbettsville.

2/5/08:      Added:   1895 International Type D21 (1) machine cancel from Binghamton.

8/25/07:     Added:   1895 registered cover from Binghamton.

7/28/07:     Added:   1869 10 cent pictorial issue cover mailed to Panama from Binghamton.

7/12/07:     Added:   1889 registered cover from Mc Clure Settlement, and

                      1884 octagonal datestamp from Windsor used as a receiving mark.

7/3/07:      Added:   1831 free frank of Virgil Whitney Binghamton postmaster, and

                      1873 Binghamton rimless CDS on letter to Vienna, Austria forwarded to London, England.

6/28/07:     Added:   1851 large blue PAID 3 in circle from Binghamton, 

                      1856 circular from Binghamton with the only reported usage of integral PAID CDS, and                    
                      1903 and 1904 RFD covers from Binghamton.

6/12/07:     Added:   1857 and 1860 stamped covers from Binghamton.

5/16/07:     Added:   1860's 10 cent transcontinental rate cover from Whitney's Point to California.

5/10/07:     Added:   1928 Station A (Binghamton) registered mail to Switzerland, 

                      1922 registered mail from Ukraine, Russia to Binghamton, and                    
                      1880's cover from Centre Lisle to Wyoming Territory.

3/20/07:     Added:    1936 cover from Binghamton to Switzerland,
                       1941 multiple class cover to Australia from Binghamton,
                       1951 registered airmail cover from Johnson City to Romania and

                       1895 registered cover from Union Center.

3/16/07:     Added:   1896 Barry cancel from Binghamton, 

                      1906 post card to South America from Lestershire, and                    
                      1889 six times rate cover from Upper Lisle.

1/14/07:     Added:   1832 double weight, manuscript cover from Union Village, and                    
                      1878 manuscript cover from Glen Aubrey.

1/8/07:      Added:   1888 double weight registered cover from Binghamton.

1/3/07:      Added:   1869 pictorial issue cover from Harpersville.

12/27/06:    Added:   1930's Pre-cancelled, third class, bulk discount cover from Binghamton.

12/26/06:    Added:   1865 forwarded cover from Binghamton, and                    
                      1917 flag cancelled cover from Johnson City.

11/19/06:    Added:   1894 Paid Reply Card from Binghamton.

11/17/06:    Added:   1885 and 1899 Deposit covers.

11/16/06:    Added:   1894 Binghamton cover mailed to Austria.

11/6/06:     Added:   Page featuring Binghamton Rimless CDS usages.

11/3/06:     Added:   1903 and 1904 covers with Doane cancels from North Sanford.

11/1/06:     Added:   1924 Early Permit Imprint from Binghamton.

10/28/06:    Added:   1926 Type 150-B-1 RPO cover from Binghamton, and                    
                      1887 registered letter from Whitney's Point.

10/26/06:    Added:   1938 National Airmail Week cover from Binghamton (First flight from Endicott), and                    
                      1942 "NO TRESPASSING" patriotic cover from Bible School Park.

10/15/06:    Added:   1826 Virgil Whitney postmaster free frank from Chenango Point,

                      1945 6 cent Transport usage from Tokyo Bay, Japan, and                    
                      1975 post card exhibiting the short-lived 7 cent post card rate.

10/1/06:     Added:   1847 new type of "V" marking from Binghamton,

                      1956 registered letter from Binghamton, and                    
                      1954 cover from Union Center, Rural Station of Endicott.

9/18/06:     Added:   Binghamton CDS with integral rate; earliest and new latest reported dates.

9/15/06:     Added:   1935 machine cancelled cover from Endicott's Union Station.

9/10/06:     Added:   3rd class regular bulk/quantity discount mailing from Binghamton, and                    
                      1924, 1928, and 1943 items from Union, Station of Endicott.

8/22/06:     Added:    Various auxillary markings on Binghamton covers,
                       1942 airmail cover from Binghamton to Barbados, West Indies,
                       1870's cover from Hooper, 

                       1863 cover from Triangle with fancy triangle killer, and

                       Windsor R.F.D cover.

7/25/06:     Added:    1858 cover from Chenango Forks,
                       1920 registered cover to Germany from Station A (Binghamton),
                       1892 third-class cover from Whitney's Point and

                       1879 star cancel from Catatonk, Tioga County.

7/24/06:     Added:   1898 registered cover from North Fenton.

7/14/06:     Added:   1867 cover from Centre Village with year in dial.

6/30/06:     Added:   Early 1890's third-class mail from Binghamton, and                    
                      1944 patriotic cover mailed from Binghamton to Canada.

6/28/06:     Added:   1892 Oswego & Binghamton RPO cancel, and                    
                      1946 Transport Airmail usage to Czechoslovakia (Not Broome County).

6/23/06:     Added:   Two Binghamton covers with Type D22 International machine cancels .

                      1832 6 cent rate stampless cover from Binghamton to Montrose, and                    
                      Circa 1849 stampless cover from Binghamton with orange CDS and "V".

6/15/06:     Added:   Two Binghamton covers with Type C11 International machine cancels .

6/8/06:      Added:   1863 stamped cover from Deposit,                     
                      1873 fancy leaf cancel from Deposit, and 

                      1920 post card and 1949 Form 3811 from Deposit.

6/7/06:      Added:   Several Union covers showing the evolution of the 'year on top' CDS.

6/1/06:      Added:   1859 stampless cover from Union, and                    
                      1909 and 1913 postcards from Union.

5/25/06:     Added:    1889 2 cent first class rate cover from Triangle.                   

5/17/06:     Added:   1850 stampless cover from Colesville, and                    
                      1945 Prisoner of War Mail from Windsor.

5/11/06:     Added:    1864 Civil War patriotic cover from Windsor.                   

5/6/06:      Added:   1862 and 1863 DCDS covers from Binghamton, and                    
                      1904 R.F.D. cover and a 1919 Universal machine cancelled cover from Binghamton.

5/4/06:      Added:   1943 local rate patriotic cover and 1944 patriotic cover from Binghamton, and                    
                      1945 censored cover to England and a 1945 registered cover from Binghamton.

4/20/06:     Added:    1860's double rate cover from Binghamton.                   

4/19/06:     Added:    1942 patriotic cover from Bible School Park depicting Uncle Sam.                   

4/18/06:     Added:   1919 cover mailed first day of post-war 2 cent first class rate, and                    
                      1938 registered cover from Binghamton.

4/12/06:     Added:    1863 cover forwarded from Deposit to Portville.                   

4/8/06:      Added:    1830 stampless cover from Union with rate notation.                   

4/7/06:      Added:    the postmasters of South Vestal,
                       the postmasters of Vestal Centre,
                       the postmasters of Vestal Center, and

                       the postmasters of Willow Point.

4/6/06:      Added:    picture of the Nanticoke post office,
                       the postmasters of Tracy Creek 1856 - 1895,
                       the postmasters of Tracycreek 1895 - 1908, and

                       the postmasters of Tracy Creek 1908 - 1911.

3/30/06:     Added:    1839 cross border cover from Triangle to Hamilton, Upper Canada.                   

3/20/06:     Added:    1897 registered cover from Edson,
                       1864 forwarded cover from Kirkwood,
                       1882 and 1887 registered covers from Maine, and

                       1881 cover from Whitneys Point.

3/10/06:     Added:   1941 cover with Universal machine slogan cancel from Binghamton,
                      1941 underpaid cover from Johnson City, and

                      1948 westbound AM94 first flight cover from Johnson City.

3/8/06:     Added:     1937 Received cancel from Bible School Park,
                       1898 drop rate cover from Binghamton, 

                       1905 double rate cover from Binghamton, 

                       1930's 3rd class cover from Binghamton, and
                       1920 registered cover from Whitney Point.

2/16/06:     Added:    1897 third class cover from Binghamton,
                       1923 registered 3 ounce cover from Binghamton,
                       1933 first class cover from Endicott, and

                       1929 registered cover from Station A.

2/4/06:      Added:    three covers from Binghamton with 3 cent issue of 1853-7.                   

1/30/06:     Added:    list of the postmasters of Vestal.                   

1/27/06:     Added:   1844 Paid 10 rate stampless cover from Windsor,
                       1845 5 rate and 1852 Paid 3 rate stampless covers from Windsor, and

                       two 1860's #65 covers from Windsor: one with fancy star cancel and used as stationery and one with handstamp "10" cancel.

1/25/06:     Added:   1886 Windsor, 2 cent first class usage, and                    
                      early 1860's Chenango cover.

1/23/06:     Added:   1847 stampless cover from Upper Lisle,
                       1833 stampless cover from Windsor, 

                       1845 18 3/4 rate stampless cover from Windsor, 

                       1855 Paid 3 rate stampless cover from Windsor, and
                       3 1870's and 1880's 1 cent rate covers from Windsor.

1/20/06:     Added:   1923 Binghamton: late usage of F1 registration stamp, and                    
                      4 Binghamton Railway Post Office covers.

1/19/06:     Added:    list of the postmasters of Chenango Point.                   

1/13/06 :     Added:   1890 cover from East Maine,
                       early 1860's cover from Glen Castle, 

                       1913 Glencastle cover, and
                       1894 cover from Vallonia Springs.

1/7/06:     Updated:  Closing information for the Sanitaria Springs post office, and                    
                      Closing information for the Ouaquaga post office.

1/6/06:     Added:    The postmasters of Endicott, and                    
                      The post office of Endicott .

01/5/06:     Added:   1847 Harpersville stampless,
                      Two Hapersville covers from the 1870's and 1880's,

                      1932 cover from Hospital Station
                      1844 Triangle stampless, and

                      1865 West Windsor cover.

12/22/05:     Added:    1898 registered mail cover from West Colesville.                   

12/22/05:     Added:    Two 1839 high rate (1 1/2 oz and 1 oz) stampless covers from Binghamton, and                    
                        Two 1846 serifed 10, earliest and latest date covers from Binghamton .

12/20/05:     Added:    1852 stampless cover from Chenango Forks, and                    
                        Circa 1855, larger CDS stampless cover from Whitney's Point .

12/19/05:     Added:   
                       1898 Binghamton drop rate cover with Scottish Rite corner card,                   

                       1908 post card from Vestal Center, and                       

                       1938 National Airmail Week and first flight cover from Whitney Point.

12/12/05:     Added:   1837 manuscript Nineveh (earliest reported),
                       four fancel star cancel varieties from Nineveh, 

                       1887 Nineveh fancy cog cancel, and
                       1948 Nineveh patriotic cover.

12/10/05:     Added:    1921 cover from Sanford.                   

12/1/05:     Added:    1908 cover from Endicott,                   

                       1934 Special Delivery cover from Endicott,

                       1948 First Flight AM94 cover from Endicott, and                       

                       1951 Dedication of Broome County Airport cover from Johnson City.

11/9/05:     Added:    1874 rimless CDS cover from Binghamton,                   

                       1889 registered cover from Binghamton, and                       

                       1914 cover from Conklin.

11/7/05:     Added:    Bible School Park; 1913 straight line cancel and 1914 covers, and                    
                       1942 Bible School Park unlisted patriotic cover "Carry On Canada" cachet.

10/26/05:     Added:    1830 stampless cover from Whitneys Point,                   

                        1888 cover from Kirkwood, and                       

                        1899 cover from Kattelville.

10/25/05:     Added:    1870's, 1899, and 1903 covers from Killawog, and                    
                        two 1912 Doane cancel covers and a 1955 registered usage from Killawog.

10/24/05:     Added:    1874 postal card from Lisle, and                    
                        1937 cover from Endwell.

10/7/05:     Added:    Four airmail covers from Binghamton.                   

10/6/05:     Added:    Binghamton cover with previously unreported solid V rate marking.                   

9/21/05:     Added:    Mid 1850's postmaster, Harpur Desenbury, free frank cover from Windsor.                   

9/19/05:     Added:    Scarce Binghamton 27mm PAID 3 in circle, and

                       Binghamton triple rate cover from 1833.
8/12/05:     Added:    Added link to my New York State Star Cancel website.                   

6/3/05:     Added:    3 World War 2 patriotic covers from Bible School Park.                   

6/2/05:     Added:    Nathaniel Cole Tavern and post office:  Colesville, and

                      E. H. Odell store and post office:  Sanitaria Springs.                   

2/25/05:     Added:    Rare 1863 stampless cover from short lived Underwood post office.

2/19/05:     Added:    1845 Port Crane stampless cover to Ohio.

2/18/05:     Added:    1882 Deposit cover with fancy Negative "A" cancel, 

                       Late 1840's 5 cent rate stampless cover from Whitney's Point , and

                       Early 1870's Whitney's Point cover with inverted date in CDS.

2/7/05:     Added:    1850's Union cover bearing red "PAID/3" in circle.

1/20/05:     Added:    1860's Maine cover bearing "Black Jack" issue of 1863.

1/19/05:     Added:    1882 cover from Castle Creek with maltese cross cancel.

1/18/05:     Added:    1927 registered cover from Station A, station of Binghamton.

11/01/04:     Added:    1917 registered cover from Ouaquaga.

10/30/04:     Added:    1893 Cascade Valley on Columbian Exhibition stamped envelope.

10/27/04:     Added:    Photo of Mr. Hoppler and his horse Stamp who provided mail delivery between Lestershire and Hooper.
10/23/04: Added: 1810 letter to Union Post Office addressed to Sheriff of Broome County, and 1870 and 1871 Binghamton covers franked with 3 cent train issue of 1869.

9/28/04:     Added:    1874 Vallonia Springs double oval, and

                       Scarce 1861 Windsor postmaster, Seymour L. Judd, free frank.

7/22/04:     Added:    Two Sanitaria Springs covers from 1895 and 1925.

7/20/04:     Added:    Two Deposit advertising covers from 1914 and 1915.

7/15/04:     Added:    The postmasters of the Hooper post office, and

                       1908 Map showing the Hooper post office.

7/14/04:     Added:     Two Union Center covers:  1935 and 1953 Last Day of post office 

7/13/04:     Added:    1893 Lestershire cover, 
                       1891 West End foreign destination cover, and

                       1942 Johnson City airmail cover.

3/03/04:     Added:    1892 Port Dickinson cover, 

                       1893 West End Cover  and

                       1896 West End cover.

1/02/04:     Added:    Postmasters of Union Centre,

                       Postmasters of Union Center, and
                       Union Center post office photo and map. 

11/18/03:     Added:   1833 stampless Susquehannah, and

                       1954 Triangle, last day of Post Office.

11/04/03:     Added 3 last day of post office covers:

                       1954 East Windsor,
                       1954 Nanticoke, and

                       1954 North Sanford

10/22/03:      Added:   1833 Binghamton 8 times rate cover to New York City.

08/30/03:      Added:   1863 manuscript Hawleyton cover.

08/20/03:      Added:   1870's Vallonia Springs banknote cover.

06/25/03:     Added:   1881 Lamb's Corners,
                       1882 Vestal Centre,

                       1860's Randolph Centre manuscript,
                       1864 Deposit DCDS, and

                       1880's Deposit.

05/9/03:      Added:   1882 and 1883 manuscript covers from Tracy Creek.

05/7/03:      Added:   1861 manuscript and 1887 CDS from Osborne Hollow.

04/28/03:     Added:   1876 and 1880 Conklin Station CDS cancels on Banknote issues,

                       1883 Conklin Station manuscript cover, and 1884 pink CDS cancel on postal card.

04/26/03:     Added:   1897 Binghamton Barry F2 machine cancel,
                       1889 East Maine double circle, and

                       1887 Osborne Hollow CDS .

04/25/03:     Added:   one 1913 and two 1939 last day of service covers from Itaska.

04/24/03:     Added:   1818 Chenango Point oval, double rate cover, and

                       1826 Chenango Point manuscript cover.

04/09/03:     Added:  Picture of Deposit Post Office and Postal Workers from circa 1910.

01/20/03:     Added:   Binghamton "PAID 6" in circle on 1850's cover, and

                      1916 Center Lisle 4-Bar cancel

01/03/03:     Added:  1886 Chenango Forks cover, and

	             1870's North Colesville manuscript cancel

12/24/02:     Added:  1862 Kirkwood Centre, 1865 Kirkwood, and

	             1886 Kirkwood rimmed CDS, 1907 Kirkwood 4-Bar cancel, and 1908 Kirkwood Doane cancel

11/29/02:     Added:  1848 Binghamton cover with large hollow X and 1849 cover forwarded from Binghamton to Utica.

11/04/02:     Added:  1880 Port Crane cover with fancy cancel.

11/02/02:     Added:  1866 Map of Gulf Summit Showing Location of Post Office.

04/09/02:     Added:  Picture of Willow Point Post Office from circa 1910.

04/08/02:     Added:  1898 Castlecreek to Quebec, Canada,

	             1896 Center Village, registered usage, and

	             1895 Conklin

03/30/02:     Added:  Two Binghamton covers with numerical duplex cancels.

03/28/02:     Added:  Picture of Killawog Post Office from 1912.

02/16/02:     Added:  1897 Gulf Summit, registered cover.

01/26/02:     Added:  new page for:  Images of the Maine Post Office 

08/15/01:     Added:  new page for:  Images of the Port Dickinson Post Office 

08/09/01:     Added:  new page for:  Photos of the North Sanford Post Office 

07/24/01:     Added:  new page for:  North Fenton Postmasters 

07/10/01:     Added:  1839 Binghamton, exceedingly high rate.

06/30/01:     Added:  1833 Binghamton, free frank of postmaster, and

                      1852 Kirkwood cover. 

06/28/01:     Added:  1818 Chenango Point cover to Martin Van Buren and

                      1830 Chenango Point cover: last day of post office 

05/31/01:     Added:  new page for:  Nanticoke Postmasters 

05/16/01:     Added:  Binghamton: 1936 cover with slogan cancel 

04/02/01:     Added:  new pages for:  Lester Postmasters and Randolph Centre Postmasters

03/30/01:     Added:  new pages for:  South Windsor Postmasters, Wallersville Postmasters, and
              Windsor Postmasters 

03/27/01:     Added:  Binghamton: Free frank by member of Congress 

03/20/01:     Added:  Two Binghamton items: "PAID 3" in fancy scroll, and twice forwarded cover 

03/19/01:     Added:  North Sanford, Doane Cancel, Windsor, fancy maltese cross cancel, 
              and Photo of the present day Bible School Park post office 
              Added new page for:  Bible School Park Postmasters 

03/17/01:     Added new Binghamton cover:  Red Solid "X" Rate Marking 

03/06/01:     Added new pages and covers for:  Wake, West Chenango, and West End 
              Added new pages for:  Vestal Centre, Wallersville, and West Colesville 

03/05/01:     Added covers for:  Randolph Centre, Stella, and Susquehannah 

03/02/01:     Added covers for:  North Fenton, Occanum, and Penelope 

02/28/01:     Added a photo of the old Bible School Park post office

02/27/01:     Added covers for:  Kattelville, Langdon, Millburn, and North Colesville

02/26/01:     Added covers for:  Flowers and Howes

02/24/01:     Added covers for:  Blatchley, Brookvale, Colesville, Corbettsville, Damascus, Doraville,
              Dunbar, East Maine, East Windsor, and Edson 

02/22/01:     Added covers for:  Anoka, Arbutus, Barker, and Belden 

02/21/01:     Added two new Binghamton covers:  Scarce "V" Marking, Cross Border Usage to Canada

02/19/01:     Added new covers under Castle Creek, East Windsor, Lestershire, Lisle, Maine,  
              Nineveh, Union, Upper Lisle, Whitney's Point, and Windsor