Broome County, New York Postal History

Port Crane: March 5, 1842 - Present

The Port Crane Post Office was established on March 5, 1842.  The first postmaster of Port Crane 
was Isaac Bishop.  The money order office was created on January 21, 1899. The Port Crane Post 
Office continues in operation today with a Zip Code of 13833.

The Postmasters of Port Crane

Port Crane - 1845

Port Crane/NY Sept 25 Manuscript town and date; Letter datelined "Chenango Sept 24, 1845".  Mauuscript "10" 
                      paying the over 300 mile rate to Nimmons X Roads, Ohio per Act of March 3, 1845

Port Crane- 1877

Port Crane/March 27th Manuscript; Manuscript on back "D.D.F Davis/Letter/Mch 27/77"
                      Franked with 3 cent green banknote (#) on patriotic cover.

Port Crane- 1880

PORT CRANE/MAR/24/1880/N.Y. DCDS with outer rim, 31mm, Purple.  Month, day and year reversed.
                      Franked with 3 cent green banknote with purple Maltese cross killer.

Port Crane- 1916

PORT CRANE/JAN/20/1916/N.Y. CDS 29mm Black.
                            Franked with 1 cent green on picture post card.

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