Broome County, New York Postal History

Hospital: March 1, 1901 - Present

Station of Binghamton

The Hospital Post Office was established on March 1, 1901 as a station of Binghamton per Postal Bulletin
6399.  It was previously known as Sta 4 (State Hospital).  It exists today with a Zip Code of 13904.

Hospital Station - 1906

BINGHAMTON,N.Y./AUG 4/8:30AM/HOSPITAL STA  CDS, 26mm, Black; Black numeral duplex ties
                                           1 cent green (#300) to post card.
                                           VALOIS,N.Y./AUG/6/1906/5PM/REC'D 30mm CDS.

Hospital Station - 1932

BINGHAMTON, N.Y./JAN 18/4 P M/HOSPITAL STA.  Black 25mm CDS, year outside of circle.  Black
                                             numeral duplex (2) cancelling 2 cent carmine
                                             on amber postal stationery (U430).

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