Broome County, New York Postal History

Binghamton: May 29, 1830 - Present

Binghamton: To Panama - 1869

BINGHAMTON/OCT/29/N.Y. 24mm Black CDS;  Black cork killer ties 10 cent yellow orange issue of
                       1869 (#116) which paid the 10 cent surface letter rate to Aspinwall,
                       New Granada (Columbia).  This rate became effective July 1, 1867.
                       Letter was sent to Jared Linsly, Jr., the Passed Assistant Paymaster
                       on the U.S.S. Seminole, a Navy ship which, according to Navy records,
                       was on active sea service from April, 1869 to February, 1870.  From
                       this, the year of mailing can be determined to have been 1869.

Binghamton - 1870's: Congressional Free Frank

BINGHAMTON/NOV/26/N.Y. 25mm Black CDS; Black cork killer on letter signed by
                       Giles W Hotchkiss, M.C. of Binghamton N.Y.  Mail sent
                       by members of Congress could be sent for free. 
                       Hotchkiss served in the House of Representatives from
                       1863 to 1867, and from 1869 to 1871.

Binghamton - 1870

BINGHAMTON/JUN/23/N.Y. 25mm Black CDS; Blue C.E. HARTUNG & CO/JUN/24/1870/New York DCDS
                       receipt cancel.  Black cork killer ties 3 cent ultramarine of 1869 (#114).

Binghamton - 1871

BINGHAMTON/MAY/5/N.Y. 25mm Black CDS; Letter to "Brother" dated May 5, 1871.
                      Black segmented cork killer on 3 cent ultramarine issue of 1869 (#114).

Binghamton - 1870's

BINGHAMTON/JAN/2?/AM/N.Y. 27mm Black CDS; Black cork killer on 1 cent ultramarine
                          banknote (#182) paying the single piece 3rd class rate. 
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