Broome County, New York Postal History

Binghamton: May 29, 1830 - Present

Binghamton Railway Post Office Usages

Binghamton - 1925: CDS with TERM at bottom

BINGHAMTON,N.Y./AUG/24/1925/TERM,R.P.O. 30mm Black Type I CDS; Black
                                        barred oval duplex killer
                                        tying 2 cent carmine bureau issue. 

Binghamton - 1926: CDS with TERM at side, date only, no time

BINGHAMTON,N.Y.TERM/OCT/16/1926/R.P.O. 30mm Black Type 150-B-1 CDS; Black barred oval RMS duplex killer
                                       on 1 cent green revalued to 1 1/2 cents(#U517) and tying a 1/2
                                       cent brown bureau issue (#551). Postage paid the postwar 2 cent
                                       first class surface letter rate effective July 1, 1919.

Binghamton - 1934: CDS with TERM at side, time below year

BINGHAMTON,N.Y.TERM./MAY/25/1934/1130P/R.P.O. 30mm Black Type 150-B-2 CDS; Black barred oval
                                              RMS duplex killer tying 3 cent deep violet Mothers of
                                              America issue of May 2 1934 (#737). 

Binghamton - 1956: CDS with TERM at side, month and day on single line and time above year

BINGHAMTON,N.Y.TERM./JUN 26/730AM/1956/R.P.O. 30mm Black CDS; Black duplex
                                              (RMS) killer on 2 cent carmine rose
                                              on buff government postal card. 
                                              Mailed from aboard the Phoebe Snow.                                 
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