Broome County, New York Postal History

Triangle: December 8, 1818 - March 31, 1954

Triangle - 1860's

TRIANGLE/MAR/5/N.Y. CDS 26mm Black, Black target cancel on 
                    3 cent rose (#65) on patriotic cover.

Triangle - 1863

TRIANGLE/DEC/18/N.Y. Black 25mm CDS, Black 13x15 triangle killer ties 
                     3 cent rose (#65) on cover to Whitney Point.

Triangle - 1878

TRIANGLE, BROOME CO. N.Y./OCT/24/1878/10/A.M./G.G. SAXTON, P.M. Purple 33mm DCDS County and
                                                                postmaster cancel.  Purple 6 bar
                                                                killer on 3 cent postal stationery (U163). 

Triangle - 1889

TRIANGLE/JAN/15/N.Y. Black 27mm CDS, Black concentric circle killer ties
                     2 cent green banknote of 1887 (#213) paying the 2 cent per
                     ounce first class letter surface rate effective July 1, 1885. 

Triangle - 1895

TRIANGLE/OCT/9/N.Y. CDS 27mm Black, Black concentric circle killer.
                    27mm Black SYRACUSE, N.Y./OCT 9/7 PM/95/REC'D CDS on 1 cent Black postal card (#UX12).

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