Broome County, New York Postal History

Hooper: November 5, 1853 - June 15, 1917

The Hooper Post Office, was established on November 5, 1853.  The first postmaster of Hooper was James
C. Johnson.  On June 15, 1917, the Hooper Post Office ceased operation and began receiving service from
the Johnson City Post Office. 

The Postmasters of Hooper

The Postoffice of Hooper

Hooper - 1870's

HOOPER/MAY/4/N.Y. Purple 31mm CDS, manuscript killer on 3 cent green
                  banknote (#184) paying the first class rate to Hales Eddy. 

Hooper - 1877

HOOPER/MAY/5/N.Y. CDS 31mm Black
                  Franked with 3 cent green banknote (#158) tied with multiple strikes
                  of fancy six pointed star. 

Hooper - 1906

HOOPER/AUG/21/1906/N.Y. Black 28mm CDS; steel duplex cancel tying
                        1 cent blue green 2nd Bureau issue (300). 

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