Broome County, New York Postal History

Endicott: July 11, 1901 - Present

The first post office in Endicott was opened in 1901 at the corner of Oak Hill Avenue and North Street.

Shortly thereafter, it was moved by physically relocating the building to the corner of Washington Avenue and North Street. It remained there until 1908.

In 1908, the post office occupied the rear of the Johnson Block on Washington Avenue. Later the office was moved to a new location in the same building.

Farmers National Bank and Post Office

In 1911, the post office occupied half of the Farmers National Bank Building, located at the corner of Main and Exchange Street.

From a postcard in my collection

Mattoon Building

Another move was made to the Mattoon Building on Washington Avenue, where it occupied one half of the street level. It remained there until 1936.

Federal Post Office

In 1936 the Federal Government built a new post office on the southwest corner of Washington Avenue and Broad Street.

    Some interesting facts about the Endicott post office:

In 1911 over 8800 money orders were issued by the Endicott post office.

On July 16, 1913, the first C.O.D. parcel was delivered in Endicott to the Walter L. Johnson Company.

On September 1, 1913 city delivery was started for Endicott.  Warren Section and Fred C. Heichemer were the first
mail carriers appointed.

The first airmail letters were delivered to the Endicott post office on May 19, 1938.  Sam Mauriello, a local pilot,
flew the first letters in and out of Tri-Cities Airport.

Unless otherwise noted, the above information and photographs were obtained from "A History of The Town of Union, Its Settlement, Growth and Development, Bicentennial Edition"; James V. Fiori, Author; Published by the Town of Union; 1990.