Broome County, New York Postal History

Colesville: June 6, 1806 - May 9, 1876

The Colesville Post Office was established in Broome County on  June 6, 1806.  The first postmaster
of Colesville was Nathaniel Cole.  On May 9, 1876, the Colesville Post Office was discontinued.

The Colesville Post Office

Colesville - 1838

Manuscript "Free / T. Ruggles PM / at Colesville, NY".
Free frank of Colesville postmaster on letter mailed from
Kensington, PA.  Postmasters could send mail for free from anywhere.

Colesville - 1850

Colesville/Feb 28 Manuscript town and date, Manuscript "5".
                  Rate for under 300 miles per Act of March 3, 1845.  
                  Letter datelined Colesville, Feb 28, 1850.

Colesville - 1860

Colesville/June 10 Manuscript town and date, pen cancel on 3 cent dull red (#26) on ladies cover.
                   Letter datelined Allegany (PA) June 5th, 1860 written from one sister to another.  
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