Broome County, New York Postal History

Chenango Forks: September 1, 1825 - May 27, 1856

The Chenango Forks Post Office was established in Broome County in 1825.  The first postmaster of
Chenango Forks was John B. Rogers.  On May 27, 1856 the Post Office was moved to Chenango County.  

Chenango Forks - 1821

Chenango Forks Black manuscript; manuscript "Dec 22".
               Manuscript "Free/Simeon Rogers/P M".
               Use of Chenango Forks on mail four years
               before it became n official post office!
               Free frank of the postmaster of Lisle, NY.

Chenango Forks - 1837

PM/Chenango Forks/NY Letter to the Postmaster at Chenango Forks from the Auditors office of the Post Office Department.
                     Inside is a form dated Oct 1837 asking the postmaster to forward his quarterly accounts to Parker & Co.,
                     contractor on Route No. 624, which was the route that the Chenango Forks post office was on at the time.
                     Below is a copy of the form.  Click on that image to see full size.

Chenango Forks - 1840

Chenango Forks Ny/August 29 Black manuscript town and date; manuscript "Paid 18 3/4",
                            but also rated "due 18 3/4", since the letter was double weight.
                            Double rate for 150 to 400 miles, per Act of March 3, 1825.

Chenango Forks - Mid to Late 1840's

CHENANGO/FORKS, NY. Red, straight line in Box; manuscript "Feb 9"; Red "5".
                    Rate for under 300 miles, per Act of March 3, 1845.

Chenango Forks - 1849

Chenango Forks/Sept 7 Manuscript; manuscript 5.
                      Rate for under 300 miles, per Act of March 3, 1845. 

Chenango Forks - 1852

Chenango Forks/NY 28 Manuscript town and day, manuscript "pd 3".  Letter dated May 27, 1852.
                     Rate for 1/2 oz up to 3000 miles pre-paid, per Act of March 3, 1851.                      
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