Broome County, New York Postal History

West End: February 5, 1889 - December, 1895

The West End Post Office was established on February 5, 1889.  The first postmaster of West End
was Edward L. Wilbur.  The West End Post Office became Westend in December, 1895.

West End - 1891 ?

WEST END/SEP/12/ /N.Y. Black 27mm CDS with black vertical bar killer on 5 cent chocolate(# 223).
                       Wide black border on front and across back flaps indicates a mourning cover.
                       Foreign usage to Paris, France.                         

West End - 1893: Registered to Canada

WEST END/APR/25/1893/N.Y. Black 28mm CDS with black target killer on 10 cent Columbian issue (237).
                          Manuscript "Reg No 5".  Three line magenta REG. DIV./APR 27 1893/BUFFALO, N.Y. 
                          on back of envelope along with TORONTO/APR 27/CANADA receiving CDS.  Ten cent
                          postage paid the 2 cent treaty rate to Canada plus the 8 cent registry fee. 

West End - 1893

WEST END/AUG/5/?/N.Y. Black 28mm CDS with black target killer on 2 cent Columbian Exposition
                      stamped envelope (U349).  Black 24mm BINGHAMTON, N.Y./AUG 5/10AM/93 CDS with 
                      numeric (1) duplex on back of envelope.

West End - 1893

WEST END/AUG/5/1893/N.Y. Black 28mm CDS with black target killer on 2 cent carmine (# 220).
                         Black 24mm BINGHAMTON, N.Y./AUG 5/800PM/93 CDS with numeric (1) duplex
                         and black 28mm EAST ONONDAGA CDS on back of envelope. 
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