Broome County, New York Postal History

Deposit: August 3, 1860 - Present

The Deposit Post Office was established in Broome County on August 3, 1860.  Prior to that is was in
Delaware County.  The first postmaster of Deposit was Samuel O. Dean.  The Deposit Post Office exists
today with Zip Code 13754.

The Post Office and Postal Workers of Deposit

Deposit - 1849

DEPOSIT/SEP/10/N.Y. Blue 33mm CDS; Blue 16mm shaded "V".
                    Rate for under 300 miles, per Act of March 3, 1845.
                    This cover actually mailed from Deposit when it was still in Delaware County.

Deposit - 1863

DEPOSIT/MAY/9/1863/N.Y. Black 26mm DCDS; 18mm bars in circle killer ties 3 cent
                        pale brown red (#65) which paid the 1/2 ounce letter rate
                        for under 3000 miles per Act of March 3, 1855.  

Deposit - 1863: Forwarded mail

DEPOSIT/JUL/9/1863/N.Y. Black 26mm DCDS; Black July 8, 1863 DCDS and 19mm target killer of Homer, NY ties
                        3 cent rose (#65).  Letter was forwarded to Portville from the Deposit post office
                        where the notation "Forw'd Due 3 cts" was applied.  Cover reflects the new "first
                        class" letter designation which became effective eight days earlier (July 1, 1863).

Deposit - 1864

DEPOSIT/MAY/27/1864/N.Y. Black 26mm DCDS; Black 18mm bars in circle killer ties 3 cent
                         rose (#65)which paid the first class letter rate.  The killer was
                         obviously not duplexed, as it is in a different orientation than
                         the 1863 killer, and is missing from the forwarded cover of 1863. 
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