Broome County, New York Postal History

Corbettsville: October 5, 1864 - Present

The Corbettsville Post Office was reestablished in Broome County on October 5, 1864.  Prior to that it was
Millburn (Milburn).  The first postmaster of Corbettsville was John Bayless.  The Corbettsville Post Office
exists today witha Zip Code of 13749.

The Postmasters of Corbettsvilleville
The Postoffice of Corbettsville

Corbettsville - 1870

CORBETTSVILLE,/MAR/4/N.Y. 27mm black CDS with black killer on 3 cent ultramarine
                          issue of 1869 (#114).

Corbettsville - 1895 to South Africa

Rear of cover showing transit markings

CORBETTSVILLE,/OCT/11/N.Y. 27mm black CDS with black target killers on 1 cent and 2 cent first bureau issue of 1895.
                           Forwarded from Upper Tongaat to Durban in Natal, South Africa. Cape Town, Cape Colony
                           transit marking. Postage paid the UPU rate to South Africa effective July 15, 1892.

Corbettsville - 1902

CORBETTSVILLE/JAN/7/1902/N.Y. Black 27mm CDS; black target killer
                              on 2 cent carmine small banknote. 

Corbettsville - 1905

CORBETTSVILLE,/NOV/16/P.M./1905/N.Y. Black Doane Type II (2) on 1 cent postal card (UX18)

Corbettsville - 1906

CORBETTSVILLE,/APR/2/P.M./1906/N.Y. Black Doane Type II (2) on 2 cent carmine (#319)

Corbettsville - 1918

CORBETTSVILLE,/AUG/24/A.M./1918/N.Y.  CDS, Purple, 4 Bar killer tying pair of
                                      1 cent green to cover.

Corbettsville - 1947

CORBETTSVILLE/MAY/23/1947/N.Y. Black 33mm CDS; black 4-bar killer
                               on 3 cent Edison issue (945).

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