Broome County, New York Postal History

Glen Aubrey: July 10, 1855 - Present

The Glen Aubrey Post Office was established in Broome County on July 10, 1855.  The first postmaster of
Glen Aubrey was George W. Smith. The Glen Aubrey Post Office exists today with a Zip Code of 13777.

Glen Aubrey - Mid 1850's

Glen Aubrey, NY / Oct Nov 3 Manuscript town and date with manuscript Paid/3 which denoted the compulsory prepaid rate for up to 3000
                            miles per Act of March 3,1855, effective April1, 1855. Mailed to Austinsburg, Ashtabula Co., Ohio.

Glen Aubrey - Late 1850's

Glen Aubrey, NY Feb 29 Manuscript town and date with pen cancel tying a 3 cent
                       dull red issue of 1857. To Grant County, Wisconsin.

Glen Aubrey - 1860's

GLEN AUBREY, N.Y./Nov 22 Black 43x4mm straightline tying a 3 cent rose
                         issue of 1861 on patriotic cover. Manuscript date.

Glen Aubrey - 1878

Glen Aubrey, NY/Mar 19/78  Black manuscript; pen cancel on 3 cent
                           green banknote which paid the first-class
                           letter rate effective July 1, 1863. 

Glen Aubrey - 1907

GLEN AUBREY/FEB/28/1907/N.Y.  CDS 28mm Black; target cancel
                              on 2 cent carmine stamped envelope (U285).
                              MAINE/FEB/28/?/1907/REC'D. 28mm Black CDS on rear. 

Glen Aubrey - 1939

GLEN AUBREY./MAY/19/AM/1939/N.Y.  Black 34mm CDS, 4-Bar cancel
                                  on 3 cent deep violet Prexie (#807).


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