Broome County, New York Postal History

Hooper: November 5, 1853 - June 15, 1917

Map Showing Hooper Post Office - 1908

Post office was located in Twinings Store on the corner of Hooper and River Road (Lot #6).

Map taken from "A History of The Town of Union, Its Settlement, Growth and Development, Bicentennial Edition"; James V. Fiori, Author; Published by the Town of Union; 1990.

Mr. Hoppler's RFD Service - 1910

Mr. Hoppler was the local mail delivery service. He and his steed Stamp made the rounds delivering mail between Lestershire and Hooper (now Johnson City and Endwell). Besides delivering mail, he evidently also dispensed local gossip, quince jam, as well as advice on various topics.

Photo taken from "Images of America: Union,"; Susan M. Meridith, Author; Published by Arcadia Publishing; 1999.