Broome County, New York Postal History

Kattelville: June 4, 1862 - November 15, 1904

The Kattelville Post Office was established in Broome County on June 4, 1862.  Prior to then it was
Chenango.  The first postmaster of Kattelville was Calvin Shepherd.  The Kattelville Post Office ceased
operation on November 15, 1904, when it began receiving service from the Chenango Forks Post Office. 

Kattelville - 1860's

Kattelville NY March 14 Manuscript town and date, pen cancels on 
                        2 cent black Jackson issue of 1863 (2).
                        Mailed to Binghamton, N.Y.

Kattelville - 1875

KATTLEVILLE/JAN/22/NY Black 25mm CDS, starburst killer ties 3 cent green banknote.
                      Pencil manuscript "Recd Jany 1875" on rear.
                      Note:  Kattelville spelled "TLE" instead of "TEL". 

Kattelville - 1883

Kattelville Apr 10/NY Manuscript, manuscript cancel
                      Franked with pair 3 cent green banknotes (#207).
                      HUME/APR/11/1883/N.Y. Black CDS w/ Iron Cross on rear flap. 

Kattelville - 1899

KATTELLVILLE/NOV/1/1899/N.Y. Black 27mm CDS, black concentric ring killer 
                             ties 2 cent carmine Type 3 Bureau issue.
                             Note:  CDS reads KATTELLVILLE instead of KATTELVILLE. 

Kattelville - 1900

KATTELVILLE/APR/2/1900/N.Y. Black 27mm CDS.
                            Franked with 2 cent carmine with concentric ring killer.
                            Note:  CDS reads KATTELLVILLE instead of KATTELVILLE. 


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