Broome County, New York Postal History

Johnson City: September 20, 1915 - Present

The Johnson City Post Office was established in Broome County on September 20, 1915.  Prior to then it
was Lestershire.  The first postmaster of Johnson City was J. M. Kennedy.  The Johnson City Post Office
continues in operation today with a Zip Code of 13790. 

Johnson City - Airmail

Johnson City - 1942

JOHNSON CITY,N.Y./OCT 21/1-PM/1942  CDS 21mm, Black; Machine cancel on pair of 3 cent violet (#905)
                                    Magenta VIA AIR MAIL, magenta pointing hand "Returned"
                                    Forwarded from San Francisco, CA to Fort Benning, GA before being returned to sender.

Johnson City - 1948

JOHNSON CITY,N.Y./SEP 19/12-M/1948 CDS 20mm, Black; Machine cancel 
                                  tying 5 cent carmine airmail (#C33)
                                  First Flight cover A.M.94 westbound.

Johnson City - 1948

JOHNSON CITY,N.Y./NOV 8/9-AM/1948 CDS 20mm, Black; Machine cancel 
                                  on pair of 3 cent violet (#959)
                                  First Flight cover A.M.94 eastbound(94 E14)

Johnson City - 1951: Registered to Romania

JOHNSON CITY,N.Y./MAR 16/1951  Magenta Johnson City DCDS on back of envelope. Magenta "REGISTERED /NO. 2651"
                               in box.  Black "dumb" double ovals tie 15 cent blue green airmail (#C35) and
                               5 cent blue and 20 cent blue green "prexies" (# 810 & #825) to registered
                               cover mailed to Lugaj, Romania.  Postage paid the 15 cent international
                               airmail rate plus the 25 cent registration fee.

Johnson City - 1951

JOHNSON CITY,N.Y./MAY 30/1-PM/1951  Black 21mm CDS, Black wavy machine cancel ties 6 cent
                                    carmine airmail (C39) to cover commemorating the dedication of the 
                                    Broome County Airport.  Stamp Collectors of the Triple Cities cachet.

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