Broome County, New York Postal History

Nanticoke: May 24, 1892 - January 31, 1954

The Nanticoke Post Office was reestablished on May 24, 1892.  Prior to that is was Lamb's Corners.  
The first postmaster of the reestablished Nanticoke Post Office was George W. Morgan.  The Nanticoke Post
Office was discontinued on January 31, 1954, when service began to be provided by the Lisle Post Office.

The Post Office at Nanticoke

Nanticoke - 1908

NANTICOKE/DEC/28/1908/N.Y.  Black 28mm CDS, steel duplex cancel on 1 cent
                            blue green 2nd Bureau issue (300) pays drop letter rate.
                            Purple "Missent to/Newark Valley, N.Y."

Nanticoke - 1909

NANTICOKE/AUG/18/1909/N.Y.  Black 28mm CDS, steel duplex cancel on 1 cent
                            McKinley postal card issue of 1907 (UX19).

Nanticoke - 1916

NANTICOKE/SEP/28/1916/A.M./N.Y.  Black 31mm CDS; Four-bar killer on 2 cent
                                 rose red issue of 1913-15 (425).

Nanticoke - 1954

NANTICOKE/JAN/30/1954/A.M./N.Y.  CDS 33mm Black, 4 Bar on 3 cent copper brown (#1028)
                                 Last day of business signed by Evelyn Riley, Postmaster




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