Broome County, New York Postal History

Whitney Point: March 1, 1895 - Present

The Whitney Point Post Office was established in Broome County on March 1, 1895.  Prior to that, it was
Whitneys Point.  The first postmaster of Whitney Point was William W. Collins.  The Whitney Point Post 
Office continues to operate today with a Zip Code of 13862.

Whitney Point - 1917

WHITNEY POINT/4 PM/MAY/28/1917/N.Y. CDS 30mm Black;  Black duplex killer on 2 cent carmine.  
                                    Masonic Lodge ad.

Whitney Point - 1917

WHITNEY POINT/4 PM/NOV/1/1917/N.Y CDS, 30mm, Black; Black Duplex killer on 2 cent carmine.  
                                  Last day of pre-war 2 cent rate.

Whitney Point - 1920 Registered Usage

WHITNEY POINT.N.Y./MAY/6/1920/REGISTERED Magenta 32mm DCDS on rear, magenta "REGISTERED/782"; black duplex
                                         killers tying 10 cent orange yellow (#510) to 2 cent red stamped
                                         envelope (#U430).  12 cents paid the 2 cents first class postage
                                         plus the 10 cent registration fee for less than $50 indemnity.

Whitney Point - 1938 Airmail

WHITNEY POINT/7 30AM/MAY 19/1938/N.Y. Black 22mm CDS, black machine cancel tying 6 cent bicolor airmail
                                      issue of 1938 (C23) to cover commemorating National Airmail Week.
                                      This also commemorates the first airmail flight from Whitney Point.
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