Broome County, New York Postal History

Killawog: February 16, 1852 - Present

The Killawog Post Office was established in Broome County on February 16, 1852.  Prior to then it was
Union Village.  The first postmaster of Killawog was Gideon C. Messenger.  The Killawog Post Office
exists today with Zip Code 13794. 

The Post Office of Killawog

Killawog - Late 1850's

Killawog NY/Dec 6 Black manuscript town and date, black black pen
                  cancel on 3 cent dull red issue of 1857 (26). 

Killawog - 1870's

KILLAWOG/JUL/13/N.Y. Black 25mm CDS, black concentric ring killer tying
                     3 cent ultramarine pictoral issue of 1869 (#114). 

Killawog - 1887

KILLAWOG/NOV/11/N.Y. Black 26mm CDS; U279 stamped envelope with concentric ring killer.
                     Black ROME,N.Y./NOV/12/7AM/1887/REC'D CDS on rear flap. 

Killawog - 1899

KILLAWOG/SEP/9/1899/N.Y. Black 28mm CDS with year date, black concentric ring
                         killer on 1 cent black government postal card (#UX14). 

Killawog - 1903

KILLAWOG/FEB/13/1903/N.Y. Black 27mm CDS with year date, black concentric ring
                          killer on 2 cent carmine bureau issue. 

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