Broome County, New York Postal History

Binghamton: May 29, 1830 - Present

"BINGHAMTON REGISTERED" used as received marking - 1922

Mailed from Ukraine, Russia to Binghamton

BINGHAMTON/N.Y./APR/4/1922/REGISTERED  Magenta 30mm DCDS used as a receiving marking on a registered letter
                                       mailed from the Ukraine, Russia.  The cover is franked with ten copies of
                                       the carmine 1000R hammer and anvil imperforate stamps issued in 1921 (#186).
                                       Multiple 28mm CDS's of Cherkasy with indistinct dates and a NEW YORK/REG'Y. DIV.
                                       black double oval transit cancel dated April 3, 1922.

Front of above cover bearing Russian red registry label No. 806 and a black "51635" most likely applied by the 
New York Registry Division on arrival there.  Another CDS of Cherkasy bearing the date of III (March) 4, 1922.
Addressee is a Mr. Gurevitz at 6 Sanford St, Binghamton, NY.

Binghamton Registered - 1923

BINGHAMTON/N.Y.  Magenta "REGISTERED / NO 14416" handstamp and pair of black oval town killers
                 tying 15 cent gray Franklin and 1 cent green Washington to registered cover. 
                 16 cents paid the 10 cent registration fee plus 6 cent, 3 ounce first class rate.
                 There was no charge for Return Receipt on registered letters until March 19, 1931.

Binghamton Registered - 1923: Late Usage of F1

BINGHAMTON/N.Y.  Magenta "REGISTERED" handstamp and pair of black oval town killers tying 10 cent
                 ultramarine registration stamp (#F1) and 2 cent rose Washington (#499) to registered
                 letter.  The registration stamp was abolished May 28, 1913, but their use was
                 permitted until supplies on hand were exhausted.  This is a very late usage.

Binghamton Registered - 1923: Reverse of above envelope

BINGHAMTON, N.Y./FEB/26/1923/REGISTERED  Pair of magenta 29mm REGISTERED DCDS of Binghamton post office as well as
                                         magenta REGISTERED DCDS of February 27, 1923 applied at Corning, NY.

Binghamton Early Permit Imprint - 1924: Third Class Usage

1 c. PAID/BINGHAMTON/N.Y./Permit No. 14  Permit imprint on unsealed medicine advertising mailing. Although
                                         this was evidently mailed in 1924, as evidenced by the Rec'd marking
                                         on the left edge, this mailing still used the 1905 permit style which 
                                         did not incorporate the words "U.S. Postage". Postage paid the 1 cent
                                         per 2 ounce, single piece, third class rate, effective May 1, 1879.
                                         Approximately 6 months after this mailing, the rate increased to 1 1/2 cents. 

Binghamton - 1930's: Third Class Usage

BINGHAMTON/N.Y.  22mm Black CDS with no day or year;  black machine cancel
                 tying 1 1/2 cent brown coil of 1930 (#686) which paid the 2 ounce,
                 single piece, third class rate, effective April 15, 1925. 

Binghamton - Early 1930's: Third Class, Regular, Bulk/Quantity-Discount

From October 1, 1932 to February 24, 1949 to qualify for regular, bulk/quantity-discounted rates it was necessary to
mail two hundred or more identical pieces or a total of twenty pounds of identical pieces in one mailing. The phrase
"Sec. 562, P.L.&R." was required to be printed or handstamped either above or below the stamp. Binghamton, Type 61, 
Bureau pre-cancel on pair of 1/2 cent brown Hale issue of 1929 (#653) which paid the 1 cent minimum per piece rate.

Binghamton - 1936: 2 Cent Rate Local Letter

                                 ties 2 cent orange red National Parks issue (#741) which paid the first 
                                 class,local surface letter rate at a carrier post office.

Binghamton - 1936: 5 Cent U.P.U. Surface Rate To Switzerland

BINGHAMTON/OCT 28/1030 AM/1936/N.Y.  22mm Black CDS; Slogan cancel, "BUY U.S. SAVINGS/BONDS/ASK YOUR POSTMASTER"
                                     ties 5 cent blue 4th Bureau issue (#637) which paid the first 
                                     class, U.P.U. surface letter rate to Zurich, Switzerland.
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