Broome County, New York Postal History

Glen Castle: June 1, 1857 - December, 1895

The Glen Castle Post Office was established in 1857.  Prior to that, it was Castle Creek Corners.
The first postmaster of Glen Castle was Henry T. Stever.  On December, 1895, the spelling was
changed to Glencastle.

Glen Castle - 1860's

Glen Castle NY/Feb 11 Manuscript town and date, pen killer
                      on 3 cent rose issue of 1861(#65).

Glen Castle - 1868

Glen Castle NY/Oct 1 Manuscript town and date, black concentric ring
                     killer tying 3 cent red, "F" grill (#94).

Glen Castle - c 1875

GLEN CASTLE/SEP/21/N.Y. Black 25mm CDS; Black concentric circle killer
                        1 cent ultramarine (#145) & 2 cent red brown (#146).

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