Broome County, New York Postal History

Gulf Summit: March 1, 1865 - March 31, 1954

The Gulf Summit Post Office was established on March 1, 1865.  Prior to that, it was Underwood.  The
first postmaster of Gulf Summit was George S. Williams.  On March 31, 1954, the Gulf Summit Post Office
was closed and service was received from Windsor.

The Gulf Summit Post Office

Gulf Summit - c1875

GULF SUMMIT/OCT/21/N.Y. DCDS 25mm Black; Manuscript "No 11 Registered"; Registration number 19367 
                        U160, with 3 cent green and 1 cent blue gray banknotes paying registration fee.

Gulf Summit - 1880

GULF SUMMIT/NOV/20/N.Y. DCDS 25mm Blue; Blue solid star (Type 1)
                        ties 3 cent green banknote.

Gulf Summit - 1897: Registered Usage

GULF SUMMIT,/DEC/14/1897/N.Y. CDS 29mm Violet; Violet "87207" registration number.  Violet barred oval killer
                              ties 10 cent dark green bureau issue, paying 2 cent first class postage and the 8
                              cent registration fee rate for no indemnity, which became effective January 1, 1893.  

Gulf Summit - 1909

GULF SUMMIT/NOV/1/1909/N.Y. Black 28 mm CDS; black target cancel on
                            1 cent green 3rd Bureau issue (331).
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