Broome County, New York Postal History

Harpersville: July 24, 1821 - July 28, 1886

Harpersville - 1869

Harpersville/APR/15/N.Y Black 26mm CDS, black target killer tying 3 cent ultra-
                        marine pictorial issue (#114), paying the first class letter
                        rate. Stamp was used just a couple of weeks after its March
                        27th issue date. Enclosed letter dated April 1, 1869.

Harpersville - 1870's

Harpersville/OCT/4/N.Y Black 26mm CDS, black circular grid killer
                       tying 3 cent green banknote (#184).

Harpersville - 1884

Harpersville/SEP/20/1884/N.Y Black 27mm DLCDS, black concentric circle
                             killer tying 2 cent red brown banknote (#210) to
                             Hurlburt & Brainerd advertising cover.
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