Broome County, New York Postal History

Endicott: July 11, 1901 - Present

The Endicott Post Office was established in Broome County on July 11, 1901.  The first postmaster of
Endicott was Vine M. Seagers.  The Endicott Post Office exists today with Zip Code 13760.

The Postmasters of Endicott

The Postoffice of Endicott

Endicott - 1906

ENDICOTT/SEP/13/9AM/1906/N.Y. Black 29mm CDS; black steel duplex killer on
                              1 cent McKinley black on buff postal card (UX18). 

Endicott - 1908

ENDICOTT/JUN16/3-PM/19  08/N.Y. Black 22mm CDS, split year, Flag Type B-14. This type flag is only
                                reported from 1908 to 1910. 2 cent carmine on buff envelope (U413c). 

Endicott - 1909

ENDICOTT, N.Y./MAY24/8-PM/1909 Black 22mm CDS, Flag Type A-14. This type flag is first
                               reported from 1909 and was in use into 1920. 
                               1 cent green Franklin (#331) on post card. 

Endicott - 1911

ENDICOTT,/N.Y. Black handstamped town in 17mmx36mm box tying 2 cent carmine and 10 cent yellow Bureau issues.
               Purple "REGISTERED/NO 1805". Purple BINGHAMTON REGISTERED DCDS dated April 18, 1911 on back.
               From International Time Recording Co., which later became IBM.
               Stamps paid the 2 cent first class postage and the 10 cent registration fee for under $50 indemnity.

Endicott - 1913

ENDICOTT, N.Y./NOV 23/7-PM/1913 Black 22mm CDS, Flag Type A-14. This type flag is reported
                                from 1909 to 1920. 1 cent green Balboa (# 347)to post card.

Endicott - 1917: 3 Cent War Emergency Rate

ENDICOTT, N.Y./DEC 4/7-PM/1917 Black 22mm CDS, Flag Type A-14 tying 3 cent violet (# 501).
                               On November 2, 1917 the first class 1 ounce rate was raised to 3 cents.

Endicott - 1919: First Day of Post-War 2 Cent First Class Rate

ENDICOTT, N.Y./JUL 1/7-PM/1919 Black 22mm CDS, Flag Type A-14 on 2 cent carmine on amber envelope (U412).
                               On July 1, 1919 the first class rate was reduced from 3 cents back to 2 cents.  

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