Broome County, New York Postal History

Windsor: February 28, 1818 - Present

Windsor - 1914: Auxillary Marking

MISSENT TO WINDSOR, N.Y.Purple 4.5x63mm straightline marking. 
                        Sent on to Windsor, New Jersey as intended.

Windsor - Prisoner of War Mail: 1945

WINDSOR/FEB 21/6 PM/1945/N.Y. Black 30mm CDS with Duplex (1) killer, no stamp.  POW letters
                              were sent c/o Postmaster, New York City where they were directed
                              to the International Red Cross (probably in Geneva, Switzerland),
                              opened and sent on to POW indicated in the letter.  Airmail postage
                              was free if avsilable per Postal Bulletin 18780 (December 15, 1944).
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