Broome County, New York Postal History

Binghamton: May 29, 1830 - Present

Stamped issues of 1847

The Binghamton postmaster, J.H. Park, ordered 300 five cent and 50 ten cent stamps of the 1847 issue stamps from the New York Post Office in late summer of 1847. These were sent by New York postmaster Robert Morris on August 10, 1847. In December of 1847, the Binghamton post office received another 1900 five cent stamps and 100 ten cent stamps from the Post Office Department.

The Binghamton Herringbone Fancy Cancel

Binghamton - Late 1840's

BINGHAMTON/DEC/7/N.Y. 31mm Red CDS, "B" close to "N" with red herringbone fancy cancel tying
                      the 5 cent red brown issue of 1847  (#1).
                      This cover is part of the Sarah Roseboom correspondence.  All known covers with 
                      a verifable year of use sent to Miss Roseboom and bearing this fancy cancel are
                      from the years 1848 and 1849.  This cover is one of several to Miss Roseboom that
                      does not bear any indication of the year of mailing. One must assume it is from
                      the same general period of 1848 or 1849.  
                      This herringbone cancel is also known in blue and black, although the majority of
                      the black herringbones are fakes which were produced by stamp dealer John Fox.
                      This cover is certified as a genuine usage by The Philatelic Foundation
                      (PF Certificate #483227). 

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