Broome County, New York Postal History

Centre Village: March 8, 1851 - August 2, 1893

The Centre Village Post Office was established in Broome County on March 8, 1851.  The first
postmaster of Centre Village was Mulford Northrup.  On August 2, 1893, the spelling of Centre
was changed to Center. 

Centre Village - 1850's

Centre Village/N.Y. Feb 3 Manuscript; Manuscript "Paid 3".
                          Rate for up to 3000 miles, per Act of March 3, 1851.

Centre Village - 1850's

Centre Village/NY May 4 Manuscript; U9 Stamped envelope. 

Centre Village - 1860's

Centre Village NY/Sept 11 Black manuscript town and date; pen cancel
                             on 3 cent rose issue of 1861 (65).

Centre Village - 1867

CENTRE VILLAGE/DEC/3/67/N.Y. Faint 26mm black CDS with year in dial; Black target
                             killer ties 3 cent rose issue of 1861 to cover.
                             Enclosed letter docketed Dec 1st, 67.

Centre Village - 1881

CENTRE VILLAGE/OCT/18/1881/N.Y. CDS 28mm black; 3 cent Banknote tied by Black Maltese Cross Killer.
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