Broome County, New York Postal History

Tiona: December 23, 1897 - June 15, 1909

The Tiona Post Office, was established on December 23, 1897.  The first postmaster of Tiona was Elmer
C. Edwards.  On June 15, 1909, the Tiona Post Office ceased operation and began receiving service from
the Newark Valley Post Office located in Tioga County. 

Tiona - 1906

TIONA,/FEB/24/P.M./1906/N.Y. Black Doane Type 2, Numeral "1"
                             used as a receiving cancel on post card.
                             Franked with 1 cent blue green  (#300). 

Tiona - 1908

TIONA,/DEC/9/A.M./1908/N.Y. Black Doane Type 2, Numeral "1"
                            cancels 1 cent blue green (#300). 

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