Broome County, New York Postal History

Riverside: August 22, 1870 - October 31, 1911

The Riverside Post Office was established on August 22, 1870.  The first postmaster of Riverside 
was Tobias VanBuren.  The Riverside Post Office ceased operation on October 31, 1911, when service 
began to be provided by the Great Bend (Susquehannah County, PA) Post Office.

Riverside - 1895

RIVERSIDE/ / /1895/N.Y. CDS 28mm Concentric circle killer
                        Franked with 2 cent carmine (#265 ?).
                        Merchant advertisement on reverse (See below).      

Reverse of above cover  Merchant's advertisement. 

Riverside - 1908

RIVERSIDE/MAY/10/1908/N.Y. Black 28mm CDS;cork killer. Franked with
                           1 cent blue green 2nd Bureau issue (300).

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