Broome County, New York Postal History

Harpursville: July 28, 1886 - Present

The Harpursville Post Office was established on July 28, 1886 when the spelling was changed from
Harpersville.  The first postmaster of Harpursville was Jesse Brown.  The Harpursville Post Office
exists today with a Zip Code of 13787.

Harpursville - 1886

HARPURSVILLE/Dec 13 1886/NEW YORK Black 27mm CDS with fancy crown at top and bottom.
                                  Black target killer ties 2 cent red brown banknote (# 210).

Harpursville - 1892

                                  On 2 cent green stamped envelope, die 2 (U311).

Harpursville - 1895

HARPURSVILLE/SEP 26 1894/NEW YORK Black 29mm CDS with black cork cancels tying 1 cent blue Columbian
                                   stamp (230) to 1 cent blue Columbian issue stamped envelope (U311).

Harpursville - 1898: Receiving cancel

HARPURSVILLE/MAY/28/1898/N.Y. Black 28mm DCDS with wide 4 bar duplex on back of  
                               1 cent postal card (UX14) from Binghamto Trust Company.

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